Webfoot servers are located in a 82,000 square foot telecommunications datacenter in Tampa, Florida. There is a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. This means that the datacenter guarantees that the connection to the Webfoot servers will be available at full capacity 99.9% of the year. The datacenter features a high level security protocol, and disaster relief (including flood) service as well as onsite diesel power generators and battery back-up systems.

Server Statistics

Over 2 TB (Terabytes) of hard drive storage
No less than 3GB Ram per web server (up to 8Gb)
Thousands of Gigabyte transfer capabilities
Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Multiple Web Server / SQL server Backup Systems
Physical CISCO Firewall Protection

DNS Information

If you are registering your own domain name, or administering an existing domain name, below is the name server information you will require to “point” your name to the Webfoot servers.

*You must inform Webfoot that a name has been pointed to a Webfoot DNS server. Not doing so will result in your website not being found. If Webfoot registers your domain name for you, this will be handled automatically.