Picture Reporter

Picture Reporter is now a cloud based application!

Picture Reporter is a website designed to create, organize, label, archive, print and share pictorial reports with several standard layouts, which allows you to obtain professional looking reports in minutes, every time!

Avoid clogging your clients’ inbox. Picture Reporter is the best way to deliver your pictorial report to your clients.

  • Upload, Create, Store, Share
  • Saves a ton of time and frustration!
  • Super simple and easy to use!
  • Organizes and stores reports in one safe place!
  • Creates hyperlinks, eliminating emailing hassle

Learn more about Picture Reporter and register for a Free Trial at http://www.picturereporter.com


Picture Reporter – Desktop version

Our classic, desktop version of Picture Reporter is still available.

For those looking for our classic, desktop application, click here: http://classic.picturereporter.com

Picture Reporter - the desktop edition picturereporterscr2_325x297

Take-Off Calculator

Take-Off Calculator (TOC) is an easy to use utility program, designed to reduce mathematical errors and increase the speed of everyday blueprint take-off calculations. It calculates the exact linear and square footage totals for all the components in a HVAC Mechanical duct system. You should find this a very useful and easy to use tool, mastering it within a few minutes. Originally created as a desktop application, Take-Off Calculator has been recreated as a web application.

Click here to find out more about Take-Off Calculator


Filter Auditor

For Android. This program performs 3 functions and is written for HVAC contractors or anyone interested in checking HVAC filtration performance. The first function is to determine if an HVAC system has an adequately sized return opening allowing the unit to breathe properly. The second is to determine if upgrading to a higher level (MERV) filter could be restrictive to the system thus causing operational issues. The third is to gather the various return filter sizes to quickly e-mail back to your office for filter ordering. Read more: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=webfoot.net&hl=en